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AT-CZT-22# 监控bob体育版app斜面控制台


  • AT-CZT-22#
  • 可根据客户需求定制
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AT-CZT-22# 监控bob体育版app斜面控制台

★ Features: Due to adapt to different uses and installation of different equipment, the shape of the larger change, vertical panel and panel opening are different, so it is generally customized according to the actual needs of users; Can be applied individually; It can also be assembled; Can be made into different radians according to needs; Can be printed according to the need and customized different colors; Corner are applicable to the profile, beautiful shape, the lower part can be made into 19 inches standard structure, with the popularity of the display, customers have more and more demand for the operating platform. The surface area of the operating platform is large, and the table can be made into a whole wooden platform